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In an effort to make Live Webinars more readily accessible, the Foundation now makes available all its webinars on demand, shortly after the live broadcast and for a limited time. The Foundation understands that it may be difficult for many to sit and watch a live webinar in one sitting so now anyone can conveniently watch at their own pace.

All webinars on demand may be viewed on any computer or mobile device.  Webinars on demand will be available to purchase for six months after it becomes available. Unfortunately, the Foundation cannot offer any continuing education units (CEU’s) at this time for webinars on demand.

How To Watch Webinars On Demand

1. Purchase the webinar by either visiting our online store or calling the Foundation office (866-545-6340).

2. After purchasing the webinar you will receive an email from the Foundation office with a link to the webinar.

Note: The webinar will be available to view at your convince for 6-months (non-members) 9-months (Foundation members) after it becomes available.

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Available Webinars On Demand

The USC Approval Program

Available Until: N/A (Non Foundation Members) | December 2017 (Foundation Members)

Learn about what makes the USC Foundation’s Approval Program a unique approval process for backflow prevention assemblies: how the requirement of not only a laboratory but field evaluation allows for a more critical evaluation of how an assembly will perform under actual field conditions; and, after being granted USC approval, how modifications may invalidate the USC approval.
Running Time: 112 minutes

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Regulations & Plumbing Codes

Available Until: N/A (Non Foundation Members) | February 2018 (Foundation Members)

Understand the different regulations and codes that relate to backflow prevention assemblies and cross-connection control at a national and local level. Learn in what ways federal regulations, like the Safe Drinking Water Act, address maintaining and protecting the nation’s drinking water supplies. Plus, find out how plumbing codes accepted throughout the United States, address backflow prevention.
Running Time: 139 minutes

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Recycled Water Shutdown Test

Available Until: December 2017 (Non Foundation Members) | March 2018 (Foundation Members)

Water conservation is an important part of any water supplier’s program. So, in many areas recycled water systems are being put to use. Hear about the cross-connection issues associated with recycled water systems and the fact that dual plumbed systems (those plumbed with potable drinking water along with recycled water) must be tested periodically to ensure that there are no cross-connections between the two systems. Methods used to test the dual plumbed systems for cross-connections will be discussed including the pressure test, shutdown test and dye test. Running Time: 112 minutes. BUY NOW

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Irrigation Systems and Winterizing

Available Until: February 2018 (Non Foundation Members) | May 2018 (Foundation Members)

Discover that not all irrigation systems are the same; some systems include fertilizer injection and/or chemigation while others do not. Learn which type of backflow prevention assemblies are acceptable for different types of irrigation systems. Plus, learn how to winterize irrigation systems to prevent any damage to backflow prevention assemblies. Running Time: 107 minutes. BUY NOW

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Cross-Connection Control Surveys (2017)

Available Until: May 2018 (Non Foundation Members) | August 2018 (Foundation Members)

Understanding how to identify cross-connections and determining the degrees of hazard are essential parts of keeping drinking water safe. Using photos of actual sites, attendees will learn how to prepare and execute a site survey by analyzing various water uses that may be discovered during a survey. And, determine how to identify cross-connections, the degrees of hazard and decide what type of backflow protection if any, is necessary. Running Time: 158 minutes. BUY NOW

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