Special Events

The USC Foundation holds a series of special events throughout the year for backflow prevention assembly testers and cross-connection control specialists. The events are recommended for those who are familiar with backflow prevention and cross-connection control but wish to be refreshed on certain topics in a hands-on environment. All events will be led by Foundation staff and all attendees will be eligible for continuing education units (CEU’s).

The events are intended for attendees who have prior knowledge of the topics being discussed at the sessions. Anyone who may be new to backflow prevention and cross-connection control is encouraged to sign up for the week-long tester training course or specialist course instead.

What's included?What's included

Cancelation Policy: 50% refund if canceled within four weeks of the event. Payment not refundable within one week of the event.

Upcoming Special Events

16 January

Backflow Tester Workshop

The hands-on event will be dedicated to reviewing the field test procedures for backflow prevention assemblies. A limited number of participants will have an opportunity to review the field test procedures and diagnostic scenarios found in the Manual of Cross-Connection Control, Tenth Edition with Foundation staff. Plus, the Los Angeles County field test procedures will be also demonstrated for attendees who may be recertifying with the county.

The session will provide attendees with access to assemblies, as Foundation staff review the procedures step-by-step with additional diagnostic scenarios. The session is a great opportunity for attendees who need to review the procedures and diagnostics before a recertification exam.



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