Established in September 1944, after a group of concerned individuals, believing that the unbiased efforts of an educational institution would serve the ultimate aim of protecting potable water supplies best, approached the University of Southern California asking for research to be done in this area. Since then the Foundation has become one of the world’s foremost authorities in backflow prevention and cross-connection control.

Approval Program

The Foundation’s approval process is unique. It requires a one-year field evaluation. And all evaluation work is done by USC Foundation Staff.

The Foundation does not allow third parties to conduct the testing, keeping everything under the direct control of the USC Foundation. Although, manufacturers are permitted to observe the testing, but they are not permitted to participate in the evaluation process itself.
The List

The List is comprised of backflow prevention assemblies,which have successfully completed the laboratory and field evaluation phases of the Foundation’s Approval Program.


The USC Foundation Membership Program was initiated in 1967 to ensure the continuous development of cross-connection control information that has become so vital to those involved in cross-connection control worldwide.

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USC Foundation Charter Members

As part of our celebration we would like to recognize those Member agencies that have been with the USC Foundation’s Membership Program since it’s inception in 1967. Thank you for your continued support!

City of Burbank
California Domestic Water Co.
City of El Monte
City of El Segundo
City of Inglewood
Irvine Ranch Water Dist.
City of Manhattan Beach
City of Monrovia
Newhall County Water Dist.
City of Oxnard
Park Water Company & Subs.
City of Pasadena
City of Redlands
Rowland Water Dist,
San Bernardino Water Dept.
City of San Diego
San Gabriel County Water Dist.
San Gabriel Valley Water Co.
City of Signal Hill
City of Torrance
Vallecitos Water Dist.
City of Vernon
Walnut Valley Water Dist.
Yorba Linda Water Dist.
Testers Course

Since 1970, the Foundation's Tester Course has trained attendees the in the intricacies of field-testing the pressure vacuum breakers, spill-resistant vacuum breakers, double check valve assemblies and reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assemblies.

Specialists Course

Since 1988, the Foundation's Specialist Course has trained attendees who are involved in administering a cross-connection control program. Subjects covered in this course include: policies and procedures, rules and regulations, record keeping, public relations, plan checks and site surveys.

One Day Update Seminars

The Foundation’s One Day Update Seminars have included topics like Recycled Water Shutdown Tests, Field Test Procedures and Los Angeles/California Codes and Regulations; all which have given attendees the opportunity to be refreshed on current topics.

Training Tools

From the Manual to instructional videos to informational pamphlets the Foundation’s training tools are designed to aid anyone involved in backflow prevention and cross-connection control. The Tenth Edition manual has become an invaluable tool for anyone involved in the industry.

70 Years Education
Impacts of
Cross-Connection Control

The Foundation completed a study for the Water Research Foundation entitled, “Impacts of Cross-Connections in North American Water Supplies.” The objective of the study was to assess the impacts of cross-connection and cross-connection control in North America.

Prevalence of
Cross-Connection Control

The Foundation received a grant from the US EPA to assess the prevalence of cross-connections in household plumbing systems.

70 Years Research