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The USC Foundation has been offering the Course for the Training of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers for almost forty-five years. 
The years of experience in teaching the course combined with the technical expertise of the instructors, sets this course apart from others.

This course is designed to train the students in the intricacies of field-testing the pressure vacuum breakers, spill-resistant vacuum breakers, double check valve assemblies and reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assemblies.  The course is comprised of a series of lectures followed by guided exercises in a wet lab area where hands-on experience provides the understanding of the field-testing methods.

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Course Highlights

Types of Assemblies

All training courses use the Manual of Cross-Connection Control, Tenth Edition.


Field test procedures according to the Manual of Cross-Connection Control


Continuing Education Units are available to students


The week is made up of lectures and guided exercises in a wet lab area


USC Foundation Tester Course

It has become evident over the years that the best way to learn how to test a backflow preventer is to get your hands on a backflow preventer and test it.

This is why equipment has become such a priority for the USC Foundation training courses. The first time the instructor leads the students through the field test procedure, the students are able to follow along with the dozens of backflow preventers present.

There are plenty of gages and backflow preventers available throughout the week for the students to practice on during the practice times of the course.  These courses typically have four backflow preventers setup for every five students.

Tester courses typically have four backflow preventers setup for every five students

USC Foundation Tester Course

USC Foundation Tester Course




The different types of cross-connections are discussed along with the degrees of hazard

USC Foundation Tester Course

USC Foundation Tester Course

In addition to the field test procedures, the attendees gain a basic knowledge of the concepts of hydraulics, learning how backflow may occur under various circumstances. The different types of cross-connection are discussed along with the degrees of hazard associated with various types of water usage.

Upon successful completion of any of the USC Foundation training courses, including the written and performance examinations, the student is issued a certificate of completion from the USC Foundation. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are also available for those students attending the USC Foundation Courses.  The Tester Training course provides 3.6 CEUs.

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Manual of CrossConnection Control Tenth Edition