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The USC Foundation has developed the Live Webinar series to offer backflow prevention assembly testers and cross-connection control program specialists an opportunity to be refreshed on current field test procedures and cross-connection control topics.  Furthermore, all attendees will be eligible for continuing education units (CEU’s).

A webinar is not meant to be a replacement for the USC Foundation week-long tester or specialist training courses.

Attending the a Live Webinar may also help fulfill a student’s requirements for CEU’s. Many who attend a USC Foundation training course follow it up by taking a certification exam from a local water/ health authority or from a national organization.  Many of these certification organizations require that the student complete a number of contact hours to maintain their certification year after year.  As mentioned above, attendees at a Live Webinar will be eligible for 0.3 CEUs, which is equivalent to 3 contact hours.

Watching a Live Webinar in a Group?

If you plan to watch a Live Webinar in a group setting and would like everyone in the group to receive CEU credits; every person in the group must be a paid attendee.

USC Foundation policy is that each person viewing the webinar must be a paid attendee. Only paid attendees will receive CEU certificates.

If you plan on watching a Live Webinar in a group setting please contact the Foundation office.

The Foundation uses GoToWebinar online service to make its Live Webinars available to anyone with an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

System Requirements (For a list of complete system requirements click here):
| Connection must be DSL speeds or better
| Windows 7 or later | Mac | MAC OS X 10.9 or later | iOS | iOS 8 or later | Android | Android 4.0 or later
Windows Phone & Windows8/RT
| Windows 8 or Windows RT

Upcoming Live Webinar Dates and Topics

9 August
Webinar Topic: Backflow Preventers and Fire Sprinkler Systems

Be it for a factory or family residence; learn what questions need to be asked before determining the type of backflow protection needed for a fire sprinkler system. Understand what the various codes and regulations require when dealing with backflow protection for fire sprinkler systems. And, hear about the possible hazards of having stagnant water in the pipeline of a fire sprinkler system.


13 November
Webinar Topic: Different Facilities; Different Cross-Connections

Learn to recognize that different facilities require different types of backflow protection. Review how to determine the degree of hazard of a facility as well as understand the difference between service protection and internal protection. After, attendees will take a look at a number of different types of facilities and the types of cross-connections that may be expected at these locations.


15 November
Webinar Topic: How the Use of Water Using Equipment May Result in Cross-Connections

Recognize how everyday water using equipment, like carbonators and boilers, can create cross-connections by understanding how the equipment works. Discover how to locate, identify, isolate and protect against the cross-connections created by different equipment by reviewing the installations of equipment found in hospitals, car washes, laboratories and many other facilities.



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