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The USC Foundation has developed the Live Webinar series to offer backflow prevention assembly testers and cross-connection control program specialists an opportunity to be refreshed on current field test procedures and cross-connection control topics.  Furthermore, all attendees will be eligible for continuing education units (CEU’s).

A webinar is not meant to be a replacement for the USC Foundation week-long tester or specialist training courses.

Attending the a Live Webinar may also help fulfill a student’s requirements for CEU’s. Many who attend a USC Foundation training course follow it up by taking a certification exam from a local water/ health authority or from a national organization.  Many of these certification organizations require that the student complete a number of contact hours to maintain their certification year after year.  As mentioned above, attendees at a Live Webinar will be eligible for 0.3 CEUs, which is equivalent to 3 contact hours.

Watching a Live Webinar in a Group?

If you plan to watch a Live Webinar in a group setting and would like everyone in the group to receive CEU credits; every person in the group must be a paid attendee.

USC Foundation policy is that each person viewing the webinar must be a paid attendee. Only paid attendees will receive CEU certificates.

If you plan on watching a Live Webinar in a group setting please contact the Foundation office.

The Foundation uses GoToWebinar online service to make its Live Webinars available to anyone with an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

System Requirements (For a list of complete system requirements click here):
| Connection must be DSL speeds or better
| Windows 7 or later | Mac | MAC OS X 10.9 or later | iOS | iOS 8 or later | Android | Android 4.0 or later
Windows Phone & Windows8/RT
| Windows 8 or Windows RT

Upcoming Live Webinar Dates and Topics

14 November
Webinar Topic: Cross-Connection Control Surveys

Understanding how to identify cross-connections and determining the degrees of hazard are essential parts of keeping drinking water safe. Using photos of actual sites, attendees will learn how to prepare and execute a site survey by analyzing various water uses that may be discovered during a survey. And, determine how to identify cross-connections, the degrees of hazard and decide what type of backflow protection if any, is necessary.



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